Java-based iOS Backend Reengineering | Leonard Daume

Java-based iOS Backend Reengineering

Software Developer Enterprise Java
dtms GmbH (Hamburg)


As a Software Developer for Enterprise Java, I had the opportunity to re-engineer an outdated backend system for an iOS client. The aim was to improve the backend system to be able to receive, process, and send data in JSON and XML formats from an iOS client as a CSV file via email or SOAP connection. Additionally, it was necessary to develop a user-friendly configuration interface.

During the project, I performed thorough persistence and code analysis. I evaluated use cases and analyzed documentation to find an efficient and future-proof solution. Design analysis and refactoring were also important steps I took to optimize the backend system. I also developed test scenarios to ensure that the system works flawlessly.

I used an iterative and incremental method to implement the project. I used various tools and technologies, including Java 7, Wicket 6.3.0, JPA, Hibernate, DB-Object, Google Guice, Servlets, XML, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Tomcat, MySQL, TestNG, Eclipse, Checkstyle, PMD, Findbugs, Maven, Subversion, Jenkins, Nexus, Jira, and Twiki.

Overall, it was a very successful project, in which I was able to demonstrate my skills as a software developer.


  • Reengineering (persistence analysis, code analysis, use-cases evaluation, documentation analysis, desi-gn analysis, refactoring, develop test scenarios)
  • Conception, design and implementation


  • iterative incremental

Tools / technologies

  • Java 7
  • Wicket 6.3.0
  • JPA
  • Hibernate
  • DB-Object
  • Google Guice
  • Servlets
  • XML
  • AJAX
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Tomcat
  • MySQL
  • TestNG
  • Eclipse
  • Checkstyle
  • PMD
  • Findbugs
  • Maven
  • Subversion
  • Jenkins
  • Nexus
  • Jira
  • Twiki